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Long time no talk yo! It's been life, man.  A beautiful life I feel honored and humbled to live. I've been mostly working on zines recently.  The WeenZine (A Zine about the band Ween) and also now, a TMNT Zine based around an art contest on facebook. Monkelion Do What'cha Like part 3 is on the way, if you were wondering about that. I have it fully written and about 1 third drawn but, you know, life and junk. Been watching a lot of Cartoonist Kayfabe on youtube and started mod-ing their facebook group as well. That's been cool. Those guys know their stuff and so do their fans! is some recent tmnt art I did while working on the zine... enjoy. 


Been trying to get Kevin Smith on the Podcast by enticing him with daily comix.  Alas it didn't work but I strive on and present the entire epic here, for all to behold... Fatman and Lion!! 

with love and respect to Bob Kane and Bill Finger. 

04/08/16 Van Nuys California. 

In the process of getting the next comic in line so I am working on my writing by following writing prompts. Thanks for the idea Shay.  Here is the first:

Prompt 1) A day in the life of a shapeshifter.


            I wake up from another rough night.  As I turn over bottles of who knows what roll off the bed and hit the hard tile floor below me.  I roll to my back and gaze into the ceiling fans mighty wurrr. Who am I?  Who do I want to be?  What am I doing with my life? Last night can never happen again.  Where am I?  Who am I?  It’s all just a day in the life of a Shapeshifter. 


            I’m looking around for clues.  Just trying to find out if I’m male or female, cause I am naked as all hell and in my birther grey-green sleek alien body. I see piles of what a well-educated New England businessman or woman would  consider “nice Sunday attire.” I hear a noise, a toilet flushes, someone clears their throat and spits it into the flushing toilet.  The bathroom door opens and a glistening yet doughy orange body walks out from behind the shining light. It’s Tronald Drump, the leading “Tree Public Can” candidate in the world leader election.  My face sours and I start to feel sick.  My vomit is kept down with the remembrance of my mission.   I’m a hired gun, I’ve whored out my abilities.  But why does my head hurt so badly and why am I here?


            My recollections of the previous night begin to trickle in as I clear my head.  The harsh realizations began smacking me in the face. I woo-ed him last night in an effort to get close enough to steal secrets, maybe even…get pictures of him in an “uncomfortable position.”  Damn! Where’s my phone? Oh jeez!! I can never show any one any of these pictures.  I guess they’d never know it was me.  Drinking and shape shifting do not mix.  No way to get your bearings after a heavy night slamming power shots and spiked ham pies.  I sit up and speak…


“I am Jacob Mofongo! I am a bounty hunter here to kill you and steal your DNA.  Seems like I got all the DNA I need, prepare to die… “

7/21/2015 Wanted to share this crazy Twin Peaks inspired video I made at Fort De Soto Park here in sunny Florida.

7/07/2015 Fare Thee Well #GD50.  What an amazing thing. Got trashed at the movies the first night and streamed the rest. Really cool to hear Trey with the Core 4 man.

Check out the comics I made before and after the "Fare Thee Well" shows for Cider Mag.



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